The purpose of the Earth Blog activity is to put the texts we’re reading and the ideas we’re discussing in dialogue with actual places, from beaches to the deep sea…The possibilities in terms of places and written approaches are endless, but all of the blogs should try to satisfy the criteria outlined in the rubric posted on Blackboard.  Furthermore, they should each be exactly 600 words in length—no more, no less—when typed in a word processor, and at least three of the blogs should deal with places that you are visiting with the express purpose of writing about them.  (Thus two of the blogs could deal with places that you have visited in the past).  Each Earth blog should apply an ecocritical concept to a place, analyze the place in a nuanced and intelligent manner, incorporate evidence—including visual, aural, haptic, olfactory, and gustatory evidence in addition to any evidence from scholarly sources you have consulted—correctly, clearly demonstrate the literary and cultural relevance of its arguments, and employ an original and interesting style along with correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and so on.



  1. Sharks hate them or love them kyle lepore

    This past weekend my friends and I decided to do something we do all the time over the summer when there aren’t waves and that’s fish for sharks kayaks. Now I was very interested in this since we had just read Carson’s book under the sea wind as well as Earle’s book and wanted to see if my vision of the ocean has changed after my readings. So we headed out dragging our kayaks down the beach and through the small surf. Being out on the water to me is one of the most peaceful places to be, its calm quite and most of all not busy and over crowded. Now as far as the sharks are concerned we catch sharks on the same beach that me and my friends surf and have surfed since we learned. We are always aware of there presence and never hurt the sharks we use circle hooks and always try and be as humane as possible towards them, we always say this is there water not ours were just visiting.

    Well that day we headed out for some mid day fun, we hooked up early into a shark with some size broke off on my friend nick. So we do as we do every time a line breaks tie a new hook on and start over. This time I was next to hook up, he had some size to him I would say about 4 to 5 feet. We brought him onto the beach where the playing field was a little more level. But when we got to the beach the women on the beach began to freak out and tell us to kill it and so on and so forth. We didn’t listen of course and this made them even madder, how can my children swim in that water with sharks swimming around. This is when my smart ass friend john pipes up and says there here all the time lady its not like this is the only shark right off the beach and we let the shark free and went back out to catch some more. The women did not stop after a few more good size sharks we called it a day and we very tired.

    The very interesting part of this day to me was how upset and angry these women were getting at us for just fishing. Now I understand how people are afraid of sharks and all but I feel they crossed the line too far and were ruining our day fishing. I tried to focus on thinking about Carson’s writing and how happy the ocean made me and what it will provide for you if you don’t abuse it or over use its natural resources.

    After thinking about my day I started to ask myself questions.

    1 how does movies and books have a negative impact of people’s view of the ocean.
    2 why is the common person so unaware of the ocean.

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